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Bring Joy to every child

Through education helpless children develop a hopeful, strong, and productive life.

Safe Environment for Condusive Learning

Help a child earn a quality education.

Safe Environment for Condusive Learning

Help a child earn a quality education.


We beleive in teamwork and collaboration


Our concern is to provides qulatity education to children.


Our workforce is lies with in honesty


We believe in Cretivity and innovations for better growth

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How To Help Us

There are three ways to be part of this life changing movement with us.

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We joyfully accept monthly, quarterly, or annual donations. Thank you for being a difference maker.

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Travel to Uganda with a team and personally participate in this life changing movement.


Spread the word and the work you are participating in with Return Hope. "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me." -- Jesus in Mathew 25:40

Our Success Stories

some of our children with their background stories


Tusubira PatienceDOB:Aug-09-2008

Tusubira lives with her uncle in a village called Namayemba East A in Bugiri Eastern Uganda. Her uncle is a peasant who practices micro farming for survival. She dreams of becoming a nurse when she grows up. At home she helps her uncle with fetching water and sweeping the compound. If she is sponsored through Returnhope International Child Sponsorship program, she will be assured of quality education, school supplies and meals.


Kalenzi Eliud AroonDOB: Dec-12-2014

Eliud is under the care of his mother who separated with the husband when he was still young, he did not enjoy his father's love and this has affected his studies because he is supported by his mother who is a peasant and practices micro farming for survival. Eliud attends wings of grace christian school in grade 1 and his favorite subject are English and Social studies and has a dream of becoming a teacher after his studies. Do you know your monthly commitment of either $40 for regular and $60 for boarding can help Eliud get school surplus and have the three nutritious meals while at school.



Najibu is such a humble boy who lives with the mother, he has to move to near by swamp fishing for little fish that is if they are to eat well or eat thrown dead birds or animals in the community which is also once in a while, they make clay soil hand made pots and charcoal staves and move them to the streets and markets for sale but they get broken on the way as the cycle of challenge continues time after time, Najibu attends Wings of Grace Christian School in grade 2 and he has got ambition of becoming a doctor in future, he loves science and Mathematics as his favorites subjects and he also loves his teachers most of the time. his father dead of HIV/ AIDS when he was just 2 years and from then life has been of hassling and struggles and survival by the grace of God.

100% of your donations go directly to the beneficiaries

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